Fiber Optic Tool Kit HT-F3033

Fiber Optic Tool Kit
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  • Item #: HT-F3033
  • Condition: New

Fiber Optic Tool kit HT-F3033 includes all essential tools and materials needed to terminate optical fibers with SC and ST connectors. The selected components allow for quick and easy montage. All accessories of the kit are fit in durable suitcase. Excellent value makes this tool kit an irreplaceable equipment for each installer.

Fiber Optic Tool Kit contents:

  • Carbide scribe.
  • Syringes.
  • Universal stripper for fibers.
  • A/B fast epoxy glue.
  • Cleanser.
  • ST polish disc.
  • SC polish disc.
  • Wet wipe paper.
  • Dry wipe paper.
  • Kevlar cutter.
  • Crimp tool.
  • Diamond polish film (6µm - brown).
  • Diamond polish film (1µm - magenta).
  • Alum. oxide polish film (0.5µm - white).
  • Rubber working pad.
  • Glasses working pad.
  • Epoxy mixer.
  • Epoxy mixer pad.

Why spend Thousands of $$$ when you can have the Fiber Optic Tool kit HT-F3033?

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